September 4, 2018


Moose is a 5-year-old standard poodle, about 60-65
pounds. (Birthday 2/14/13). He was a cherished
house dog of my dear friend who died last summer.
For the next few months, he had kind of a rough time,
living mostly outside without much human
companionship. He came with almost no hair but it
has finally grown out and he has a little top knot. He
has been with me for several months and has been
vetted and neutered.

He is housebroken, very well-behaved in the house,
excellent on leash, has his CGC, not happy in a crate
although he will ride in a crate in the car. He smiles
pretty much every time you say anything to him!
(Really!) Very social with people and has fit in well
with my other dogs.

Moose is very smart and athletic. He sails over the 4'
chain link fences in my backyard and has been known
to scale a 6' chain link to get into the front yard. He
doesn't seem to be trying to escape - just doing it for
the sheer joy of it.

Moose needs a dog savvy person who wants to do
something with him and has time to spend with him.
He obviously should not be left alone in a yard. He
would do extremely well with obedience, maybe
agility, maybe therapy dog work. Although he's
athletic, he's not extremely high energy and settles
nicely so would probably do well in a condo or
apartment if he had a lot of human companionship.

Moose is a wonderful boy and is looking for just the
right person to help him reach his full potential.
Moose smiling on the grooming table
Moose getting beautiful.
Running happily in the backyard - and
eating with his tennis balls safely
stored in his food bowl - I have no idea
why he does this!
Is that the craziest grin or what?
This is where Moose stores his balls