March 14, 2019

ell, Sunny did have a puppy after all - only one - and had a C-section
on Monday, March 11. Having no experience with C-sections previously
(thank goodness!), I had no idea that moms often don't realize the puppy
is theirs and often have no milk right away since they didn't have labor to
get all their hormones going. So, from Monday evening until this
morning, I've been bottle/syringe feeding this spunky little girl, who is
very vigorous and full of energy. Early this morning, Sunny decided she
was ready - puppy managed to find her mom and start nursing and now
the two of them are pretty much ignoring me and hopefully we have
turned a corner and Sunny will be recovering from surgery and baby will
be getting fatter and fatter.

Jack and I will be starting obedience class on March 31 at Allied Gardens
- I always need more training.  Maybe he and Eppie will present us with
miniature puppies in a couple of months.

Here is a link to a  slide presentation about the Genetic Diversity Testing
at UC Davis that explains it pretty simply:

A young whiteface male cockatiel.
Romeo & Pearl
Chy, Dazzle, Binky,
Cinnamon, Gianni
Spring 2006
We do have some fall
colors in San Diego!!
Fall 2008
Look at this - SNOW!
Looking out my
window! Amazing!
Early 2009
Birds preening & bathing in the recent rain,
December 2009
Responsible Dog
Owners Day
September 2007
Patsy & Candy
September 2007
Jade & Binky, Beth and I
and Gianni do the
AIDS Walk, October 2008

February 17, 2007
Colonel & Binky & Me
Eddie and I at the
Poodle Specialty,
September 6, 2014
Poodle Specialty 2013
Sparky, Porter, Whitney and Mika
Nia & Pepper
September 2014

I couldn't decide
which one I liked  
best so here are
two beautiful
Ozzie's a
Bruce & I at the Finish
Line, AIDS Walk 2014
September 27