February 15, 2020

Merlin came
last Friday. He is Georgia's brother
(the little girl who just left).

He will be six months old on the 13th of this
month. He has had his puppy shots and has been
recently wormed. He needs a rabies shot.

So far, he is very outgoing, gets a long great with
my little girls, no accidents in the house, sleeps
nicely in a little crate in my room at night.

Merlin has been neutered and had some retained
baby teeth removed. He weighs 9.5 pounds.

(Merlin was not born here. His owner is a friend of a friend of ours
so we agreed to find him a new home.)
I was down below them and they all stood up to look over at girls and Merlin (the white boy).
These are all the pictures so far. Will get more soon. I'm leaving his sister's pictures up just for an idea of what he looks like.
These three pictures are of his sister, Georgia. They are very similar. Merlin is a little bigger and more outgoing.