Moonstruck Clair De Lune - Luna
Moonstruck Against All Odds  - Aggie
Sunny & Jack's one and only baby
girl - Aggie
March 2019
Sweet like her mama and beautiful,
too! (Which is exactly what I said
about Sunny)
CH Dreem Klasyk Andromeda - Annie Rose
Eppie & Jack's baby girl
May 2019
The Little Girls
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Moonstruck Midsummer Reverie - Grace
Annie & Jack's baby girl
July 2019
Aggie, Gracie & Luna
looking off the back deck
February 8, 2020
Gracie doing her Cousin Itt imitation
before any haircut
Christmas 2019
Aggie LOVES the
ball, just like Great
Grandpa Nelson
Luna on February
28, 2020.
Growing up!